False Alarm

by adustyframe ~ March 18th, 2010


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you heard about the false alarm yesterday.

While I was teaching one of my piano students, the phone rang. It was Lee’s boss and he left a message.

I felt like the sun came out of the clouds and the angels were singing hallelujah. Why would his boss be calling 3 weeks after the lay off? To call him back to work of course!

I finished the piano lesson and listened to the message. James said, “If daddy got his job back can we go to Starbucks to celebrate?”

I said, “Sure!”

I called Lee to tell him to call his boss and see what was going on.

I prayed and smiled and felt the excitement rising in my heart.

I called Lee several minutes later to see what the boss said. Lee’s first words were, “No Starbucks.”

His boss just wanted to know if Lee knew anything about someone in the shop who was stealing tools. Lee told him what he knew. He asked about his job and they said he’s on the list to be called back.

Lee explained to them that he can’t get unemployment and he’d be willing to do any job there. Basically the boss just repeated that Lee’s on the list to be called back when things pick up.

If you asked me before the phone call, I’d have told you that I was handling the lay off fairly well. I was concerned about money but I thought something would happen before it got desperate.

After the phone call, I realized how stressed I am about it.

I felt like crying yesterday afternoon. I told Lee he should have told them to keep their phone calls to themselves unless they’re calling him back!

Every time I think of it now, I try to say to myself, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” or “We walk by faith not by sight.”

I’ve been singing a few songs like “Bow the Knee” or “Don’t be afraid” to myself too.

Focusing on God definitely helps!

So, it’s back to the waiting–and working on trusting!


3 Thoughts Shared to False Alarm

  1. Pam

    Oh BOY!!! well maybe Lee’s honesty will move
    him higher on “THE LIST”

    I hope so!:)

  2. Barbara H.

    Well, it’s probably best he answered as he did — that will probably bode well for him in the employer’s mind if he gets to wear he can call him back. But I understand the sentiment. You’re handling the best way possible with with reminders from Scripture and music about God’s trustworthiness and ability to provide.

    Thanks;) Yes he definitely should have shared the information. I probably shouldn’t have gotten so excited about the phone call!

  3. Carolyn

    Praying for you Lizzie. I know it must be hard not knowing when or how the Lord will provide, but He does have a plan.