by adustyframe ~ March 24th, 2010

I needed to find the multiplication games and tools I’ve purchased for James. He needs to learn the tables a little better.

I dug through the math bin and set aside the addition and subtraction things. He’s got those facts down pretty well. I decided to put them in storage.

The toy clock to practice telling time can go downstairs too.

When I looked, it was quite a pile of things he doesn’t need anymore.

It’s awesome that he’s learning and growing, but a little sad too that I have to put away the little kid things.

I’ve kept everything so far. I always hope and pray that God will let me use these resources with another child.

But no time for tears! On to the multiplication….


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  1. Jacque

    Exciting times, moving our children up the ladder as they learn. 🙂 Kind of bittersweet.
    May Yah give you sweet times and lots of fun memories as you both learn what he has for you and look to the future.