Weight Loss

by adustyframe ~ March 28th, 2010

I was thinking the other day as I drove across town. I thought about how hard I’ve been working on losing weight and how slowly it’s going.

I went through a mental checklist.

Eating right–check

Weighing regularly–check

Lots of water–check

Regular exercise–check

Portion control–check

Taking my vitamins–check

Journaling my eating–check

Exercising my willpower–check

I think the scale should be cooperating much better than it has been.

I thought about your advice to keep doing what I know to do and hang on. That’s all I can do but it sure gets discouraging! Here I am doing what’s right and that scale won’t meet my demands.

The scale is letting me down. It’s not listening to me. It’s not seeing all the things I’m doing right.

So I’m just going to quit. I’m going to quit doing what’s right and making healthy choices and I’m going to live however I want and be bitter at the scale because it didn’t come through for me.


I began to think that this is exactly what we do to God.

Read my Bible–check


Go to church–check


Watch what I put before my eyes–check



Then why doesn’t he come through for me and do what I want him to do? If I’m doing all these things right, then he should be doing what I expect!

So often we’re tempted to quit and live however we want and we’re going to be bitter and blame God for what’s wrong in our lives.

I know God is so much more than a scale and he’s intimately involved in our daily lives and he cares for us more than we can ever imagine. Yet sometimes it’s easy to blame him for what’s going wrong and yell that he’s not seeing what I’m doing right.

In our trial, I often am tempted to ask God why he’s not moving and why he’s not changing things. I ask what am I doing wrong? Is it me? Or doesn’t he see what I’m doing? Doesn’t he understand that I’m trying to be faithful? Doesn’t he know that I’m tired?

It would be silly of me to quit eating healthy and blame the weight gain on the scale. It’s also foolish to quit living right and blame God for the mess that results.

I’m reminded of God and the lesson he taught Job in Job chapter 38. One verse that came to mind when I was thinking  it’s about time for God to do what I’m asking is this one.

Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.

The rest of the chapter is a reminder of my place.

God is so far above what I can think and understand. I wasn’t there when he formed the earth.  He has a plan and with his grace I’m not going to quit.

I’m not quitting on the diet either but I may need you to remind me about this post once in awhile!


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  1. TransitionGirl

    I’m in the same situation. I started hiring a personal trainer, and then learnt its not just exercising, it’s exercising the correct way to lose weight. Some exercises are more for toning and muscle building and not for losing weight. Started doing the “correct” exercises and my weight started going down. thought, now i fell off the eating right bandwagon. gotta get back on it.

    Maybe you can google to see what best exercises are for losing weight? 😀

  2. Ame


    yeah … and sometimes, doing it right doesn’t even mean we FEEL better!

    Job 40:8 has always hit me btw the eyes: “Would you discredit my justice? Would you condemn me to justify yourself?”

    … or, would you discredit God, put down God, condemn God, blame God, to justify yourself, your choices, your wants, your desires?


  3. Lady Why

    You’re doing great, Lizzie! It will pay off! Two words of advice that you probably already know and do but I’ll throw them out there just in case. First eliminate all refined sugars from your diet. They’re tricky because you find them in things like ketchup and salad dressing so be watchful. It’s most important to eliminate all high fructose corn syrup. Again, that’s in tons of things that you wouldn’t expect (bread, crackers, cereal) so read your labels. The second tip is drink only water. It sounds like you’re doing that but if you eliminate all other drinks including juices, you may see your scale progress pick up.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Revka

    Oh, ouch, Lizzie! Your application sure hit home!

  5. Hallie McKinley

    Hey Lizz, On the spiritural side, sometimes we are looking the wrong way and need to refocus before God lets us move forward or we are in the situation for someone elses good and we are beig used of God in a special way, the meantime also growing-improving our character-strengthening our faith. Adversity is a win win situation, it’s just painful, Thank you for the post, it was very well done.

    On the physical side.consistancy, and knowing which foods cause us to gain and which foods actually burn fat helps.

    Avoid Coffee, Black Tea Soft drinks, sugar, meats, eggs, yeast products, dairy products fermented foods(soy sause, vinegar) heavely processed foods and refined carbs.

    Fat Burning Foods-Whole grains, (oats, brown rice) Low Fat Dairy(skim milk, low fat yogurt) Fish(flounder, sardines, salmon, herring) Spices(cinnimon, cardemon, cloves) I will eat meat and eggs in limited quanities. The older I get (57 and rising), the less bread I can consume, even a slice per meal is too much for me. Snacking and picking (and having just a pinch )at unscheduled times sabatages my weight loss Walking an hour in the morning and 45 minutes in afternoon really helps me. Again, because of my age I need that much excertion to get the weight to move down(walking as in steady gait, not a stroll or sauntering but with energy) One last observation,fast foods for the most part are a pit fall. I have found pinto and cheese from Taco Bell and their light menu is safe for me.

    Love in Jesus The Messiah, Hallie

  6. Rosheeda


    OH Good grief! Why was this same passage given @ church yesterday?! I have been traveling that same path lately, and a few weeks ago when the madness started, God said ‘brace yourself Rosheeda.’ Had no idea what it meant. Then the guest singer @ church yesterday referred to Ch 38 in Job where God says to Job ‘brace yourself’ and began to correct him.

    Oh wow.

    Hang on girl,and know that God is doing an amazing work, even if you cant see it yet…

  7. Anita

    Great post! I think we all need to be reminded of it… every day. God is (thankfully) still on the throne!

  8. Sally

    Excellent post !!! Thanks Lizzie I really needed this.