Works of God

by adustyframe ~ April 11th, 2010

works-of-godAnyone have any blessings to share this week?

Ooo Ooo I do. I do!

My friend lent me some Civil War resources to use next year for school. That was very exciting!

The weather continues to be wonderful. I took James fishing this afternoon. He didn’t even get a nibble, but I enjoyed being out in the sunshine.

God continues to provide for us. Lee is still looking for a job, so please keep praying. Tons of resumes and applications going out, but nothing much is going on there.

I’m still really praying for his old job to call him back!

I’m going to count the library as a blessing this week too. I’ve been able to look at several of the books I had on my wish list for school next year. It’s great to decide if I want to buy them or borrow them from the library.

We also borrowed some fun movies to entertain us. It’s definitely a money saver.

Another blessing is my secret sister at church. She sent me a note that made me tear up and I put it on my fridge.

She said, I’ve been praying for you for months. Thank you for your lovely smile.”

It’s amazing what a little word of encouragement can do for me!

What about you? Any blessings?


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  1. Sally

    Lizzie, you do have a lovely smile. Our daughter-in-law called this evening and that was a blessing & encouragement. Also she e mailed a number of pictures. I miss being so many miles from our kids. Our daughter sent me a couple neclaces she had made. It was great to worship this morning with other believers. Also this week we were able to purchase a used riding lawn mower. We have been enjoying nice weather.

  2. ~A~

    About 4 weeks ago I emailed you. At that time my husband had just begun a 2 year sentence. In the past few weeks your blog has been such a blessing to me, so much so that I started one of my own. So far I’ve basically just told my story but I’m praying that just typing out my feelings will help not only me but anyone else who happens to drop by and read! Again, thank you so much for your ministry!!!

    Thanks for letting me know!

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