Tellin’ the Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ April 13th, 2010

Tellin the truth Tuesday

The exercise didn’t happen much last week. I was in a lot of pain and worried that exercise was causing it. My back and neck were so stiff and sore and I felt like I didn’t want to do anything to make it worse.

My chiropractor said to go ahead and keep trying it. She doesn’t think it’s hurting me. So I have to get over being chicken and get back to it. I did feel very good while doing the routine. Hopefully that’s not what’s causing the migraines.

I had a victory! I made black bean brownies last week….mmm right?!

They aren’t bad at all. I’ll post the recipe soon. Anyway, James and I had a couple. Then I individually wrapped them and froze them….instead of eating them! I was very proud of that one.

I did get to bed earlier most nights.

I did great on my eating plan this week. I got in tons of water and my vitamins most days.

I have been very good at journaling what I’m eating. I’m using a composition notebook so I have room for lots of good stuff. I want to sit down and write out some of my thoughts that are just for me to read. I just need to take time to do that.

When I weighed this morning, I gained .2. Not bad! I actually feel like I lost but oh well! Maybe next week!

Goals for this week:

1. Pick up the exercise again.

2. Keep getting to bed earlier

3. Try some new recipes

4. Journal private thoughts in my notebook.

What are your health goals this week?


3 Thoughts Shared to Tellin’ the Truth Tuesday

  1. Double Wide Mom

    Eat and exercise in moderation. That is my ongoing goal and I feel awesome. Oh! Staying in the Word is the ultimate healthy exercise I can do as well. My mother in law said she used to take “One pill a day….a dose of the Gospill!” She’s pretty corny! I left you an award today! Have a blessed Tuesday!

  2. Sally

    Oh nuts I forgot to weigh this morning. I always weigh before breakfast. I thought of it while I was eating lunch this noon. So I don’t have a lose or gain to report. This is the first I forgot so hopefully I will remember to weight next Tuesday. My neighbor lady’s Mom died this morning so my thoughts have been other places and with other people this morning.

  3. Laura

    Lizzie, maybe you’re gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat!