by adustyframe ~ April 21st, 2010


I snapped this photo the other day. I stepped into the bathroom and saw the discarded Spider Man slippers and smiled.

Not so long ago, it was cheerios and baby toys. Then it was cars and trucks. Then big boy toys were all over the house.

It won’t be long before all the remains of little boy will disappear from our home. I don’t want to forget how much I’ve enjoyed this little boy time.

So, for once I’m glad he didn’t put his slippers where they belong. I got a chance to think about how quickly he’s growing and a reminder to enjoy every moment.


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  1. Pam

    My grand children moved into our neighborhood 12 years ago
    from 4 hour away….my mom had passed away suddenly and
    my daughter wanted to be closer to me. She is a school teacher
    so I was blessed to provide childcare for them from the time
    they were 4months and 2years old untill they were both in
    school full time….now they are 12 and 14 !!! They are wonderful
    kind, loving children who also love the Lord…..I have wonderful
    memories…..but I do miss them climbing into my lap….singing
    songs in the car and many…many….other times. Thankfully
    my step-son and his wife are expecting their first baby (a boy)
    in Aug… we will be able to create somemore of those fond
    memories…..Thank you Jesus…Pam, South Bend

  2. carol

    Good for you – to see those slippers in that way! Yes, they grow up too fast. My oldest son is 23 and married now. My 2nd son is 21 and getting married this fall. My 3rd son is 19 and working fulltime. I had to register my “baby”, my daughter, for school next year, and she is going to be a h.s. junior, to my utter amazement! Where have the years gone? Cherish each and every moment with your son.

  3. The NON-Superwoman

    I love little reminders like this that there are still children in the home.

  4. Anita

    Thank you for sharing your memory-making moment with us. 🙂 (tears coming…)

  5. Barbara H.

    What a sweet little reminder of fleeting childhood. It DOES go too fast — cherish every moment!

  6. Anita

    Thanks for the comment, Lizzie! It’s nice to know someone reads (and cares enough to leave a comment!)

  7. Sally

    That picture and the memories are so precious. Thanks for sharing

  8. MamaHen

    Sweet post Lizzie. My oldest turns 12 today and it does go by so fast.

  9. Ame


    i won’t take a pic of my house to show you … it would curl your nails. still trying to unpack and arrange two households into one house. still challenging.