Works of God

by adustyframe ~ April 25th, 2010


Has God sent any blessings your way in the past few days?

Our week last week wasn’t enjoyable or easy. It was a long stressful stinky week! When I figure out how to blog about it, I’ll fill you in.

I’m thankful for God working in our lives and carrying us through. How thankful I am for his strength! I was reminded through my quiet time and even in a song at church today that he is in control and he has bigger shoulders than I do. Thankfully, his frame isn’t dust!

My computer died. It was a nearly 10 year old machine, so I know I got my money’s worth. We definitely were not planning to spend money on a computer anytime soon, but we found a super sale. I also used money from a photo shoot last week to pay for a lot of it. (Too bad I couldn’t have a photo shoot that nice every week!)

That was part of the reason we had to make a decision. I couldn’t edit the photos from the shoot because of the computer problems. Anyway, God provided a nice machine at a nice sale price and already he had provided a chunk of the money.

James has always been my little helper, but now that he’s getting older, he really helps a lot.  He mowed on Friday. He cooked a bacon hamburger dinner on Saturday. He helped me set up the computer today. I like this having a big kid stuff!

My sister and I are launching a big project. A lot of work was finished this week and she and I can start getting ready for the big reveal. I’m excited to be this far into the project.

Lee was accepted into a truck driving school. He’s going to work on his CDL license to help open up the job market! It will take about 10 weeks and he may get to start sooner than later. We’re just working on figuring out how to pay for it!

He also has an interview on Friday.

Lots of blessings for me today–What about you? Any blessings to share?


7 Thoughts Shared to Works of God

  1. Stephanie Bateman

    Praying the blessings continue Lizzie 🙂

    For me:
    -My dad is coming through his chemo and radiation treatments very well so far.
    -YHWH has placed many amazing people in my life recently
    -And he has given us hope for the future

    Have a blessed week!

  2. katrina

    Blessings and fun stuff this past weekend. My big sister told me I am her hero. That made me cry. Went to a baseball game with some friends and had a blast!

    On the work aspect for Lee – my B-I-L got his CDL 1 1/2yr ago and it’s the best thing he’s ever done. He was offered a job even before he finished classes and has been working steadily since then. I’ll keep praying.


  3. Pam

    Lizzie you continue to amaze me……I’m facing some struggles
    and have to make a “BIG” decision in the next two weeks…
    you inspire me to stay focused….and trust in the LORD.
    Pam, South Bend

  4. Katherine

    I am happy for you all about the truck driving school! That has great potential!

    We have been blessed today with God’s timing–our home is ready to be put on the market, and the company that needs to survey it is in town today (much better price than local guy), so he is giving us a nice discount. It couldn’t have worked out better–my husband drove down there yesterday to finish a few things, and is there to meet the man now!

    I am still amazed by the works of God that I am about to tell you of–I still feel as if I am dreaming! Three weeks ago, I found out that I am pregnant! I quickly made a dr. appointment, because I have had some miscarriages since my youngest child. I was scared to look at the ultrasound monitor…but then my dr. said, in a puzzled voice, “You need to look at this–this isn’t a 4-5 week baby–this is a 11 1/2 week baby.” I was completely (and so pleasantly!) surprised! I was almost through the 1st trimester, and had had NO idea that I was pregnant! I just really feel that God knows what he is doing–he brought me through the phase where I was most likely to miscarry, without me having any idea. I later remembered that about 3 weeks after moving, I fell down the stairs. It was a pretty bad fall–my knee and lower back were sore for days. I was pregnant at that time, and cannot believe I didn’t lose my baby. I am just AMAZED. And so thankful!

  5. Sally

    My brother called and he will be in the area for two days May 1 and May 2 so we will meet him next Saturday. That will be nice.
    Saturday I was able to attend a Beth Moore simulcast. My niece came to attend it with me and stayed Friday night. Sunday my husband and I was able to attend two sessions of Conference on Creationism an attend a pot luck at the new church we are attending.

  6. Joy

    God’s Grace in deal with situations I don’t like, i.e. the Japanese subway system during rush hour. The last two mornings haven’t been bad at all.

    Praise the Lord for laughter….helps me keep my sanity 🙂

  7. Robin in New Jersey

    I was able to attend the Beth Moore simulcast on Saturday. It was such a blessing. Even though my husband is unemployed, he was able to give me money to buy her new book. Then Saturday night I was able to see my married son his wife and their son along with her parents from India. My son played his keyboard and a man from Russia they know was visiting them and he played his accordian. We sang all kinds of hymns and praise songs. It was such a blessing.

    I also spent a day with my oldest daughter and my grandchildren. Huge blessing there!