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by adustyframe ~ May 4th, 2010

In my post about truck driving school, Christy left a comment saying they’ve been praying for provision for school and wondered if she should still pray.

WELL! Today, Lee went to pay the 1st payment and they said they were going to give him a grant.

The grant covered everything but books!

All of his truck driving school is completely paid!

When I thanked the Lord, I said, “Well if that isn’t a big green light that you’re in this I don’t know what is.”

So now, it’s just praying for God to provide income wise. Lee is looking for a part time job. We’d appreciate if you’d pray for something that fits with his school hours to open up.


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  1. TransitionGirl

    Wow. Amazing. So coolll! 🙂

  2. Saralyn

    Yay! (But it’s rather late; aren’t you up past your bedtime?)

    Nope, I have a few minutes;).

  3. MamaHen

    Woo-Hoo! That is wonderful!

  4. Lona

    Great news! Thank you, Lord…

  5. Jenny

    Wow, praise the Lord!!

  6. amy

    YAYY!! That’s fantastic!

  7. Pam

    WOW!!! YIPEEE and Praise the LORD !!!

    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  8. Barbara H.

    How cool is that! Praise the Lord!

  9. carol

    Praise the Lord! That is so wonderful!

  10. Lisa

    Wonderful news!

  11. Christy

    Yes!!! Matthew 7:11

  12. Sally

    Lizzie that is so like God. He is totally AWESOME. So happy you don’t have that pressure to deal with. We love you guys.

  13. Joy

    That’s so cool!

  14. Gillian

    Great news! I’m pleased to hear that things are working out for Lee.

  15. Robin in New Jersey

    That’s great news!

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