Works of God

by adustyframe ~ May 23rd, 2010


Do you have any blessings to share? I enjoy hearing how God is working in your life each week.

1. I am thankful for a visit with my sister as well as my brother and his wife and the baby!!

2. I’m thankful for safety as we were on the highway.

3. I’m thankful for an encouraging appointment with the attorney.

4. I’m thankful for some online sales.

5. I’m thankful that after this week I’ll be DONE with my 3 nights a week youth choir part time job.

6. I’m thankful for the warm weather.

What about you?


6 Thoughts Shared to Works of God

  1. Jenny

    I’m thankful that God allowed our budget to stretch just as far as we needed it to this past few weeks. It was truly miraculous! Jehovah Jireh, He always provides. 🙂

  2. Char

    I’m thankful that my husband and I finally moved into our first house. I’m also glad that we’re back in the country, as we had been living abroad for quite some time and missed home. I am also thankful that we are in the States because I have to have some serious emergency dental work done — couldn’t have had that done where we were living before. I’m thankful that I have insurance, even though I still have to pay a lot for the procedures.

    I’m also thankful for your optimistic news about meeting with the parole officer! What a huge answer to prayer.

    God bless!

    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Robin in New Jersey

    I am thankful for my family. My husband and my oldest daughter, with the help of my other children, planned a surprise 50th birthday party for me on Sunday. My birthday isn’t until June 1st, but that was when relatives could make it from Mass. and MD. I was shocked and so happy to have all my kids, grandkids, my mom, one brother and my husband’s brother and his wife and their kids all together. I still can not believe they planned the whole party and I didn’t know a thing. My husband really surprised me. If you knew what our family has been through in the past year and a half, you would understand just how wonderful the day was for me. Such a blessing.

  4. Pam

    We spent a lot of time with our grandchildren this
    past Sunday….it was a gift from God….they are
    very busy with their own activities and I respect that…
    however it is great to have one on one time with them.
    They are 12 and 14 and are really nice people…..they
    love the Lord and are very involved in school church
    and sports…..I am thankful…..God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  5. Marie

    I am thankful that last week I was offered (and I accepted!) a publishing contract for my book. It will be publihed by Calvary Press next year. I am also thankful for the specific and timely conviction and instruction God brings into my life – even when I’m not listening.

  6. Katherine

    My husband and I are thankful to be having another baby boy (#5!)! We found out yesterday! 🙂