Visiting with Family

by adustyframe ~ June 9th, 2010

James and I are having a great time with our family. My sister, my niece, and my mom are here.

Right now, we are at our house, but we’ll head back to my brother’s house again this weekend.

So far, we’ve gone to a zoo, waterpark, and tons of thrift stores.

We had a blast taking care of my brother’s new baby too. He’s so sweet.

I know I’ve been a bit quiet, here, but I hope you understand.

****Changing topics here–

Yesterday, I had a fun mail day! I got a free razor for Lee, a $10 Kohl’s coupon, a letter letting me know that James and I qualify for free passes to our city waterpark, a coupon for a free box of Go-gurt, and a coupon for a free box of pads.

Phew–that was fun!


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