Wow Wow Wow….

by adustyframe ~ June 18th, 2010

James and I got home from my brother’s last night and unpacked a little.

Today, I visited my chiropractor! However, after my visit, I felt a little tired and my neck hurt so I went home for a snooze.

While I was sleeping the phone rang and James brought it in to me.

The caller ID said, “Department of Corrections”

GRRR!!! I HATE those phone calls. Even if I shouldn’t or I don’t need to, I tense up and pray that God will help me not make a fool of myself on the phone when I’m talking to the Parole Officer.

Instead of Lee’s PO it was Lee. He said, ‘Is James home?”

I said, “Umm…. yes. Why?” I wasn’t sure why he was calling or what was going on.

Lee said, “I’m in my PO’s office and he said I can talk to James.”


I said, “Are you sure?” Lee assured me that this was official.

I called James in and told him and he said, “Are you sure?” It makes me sad that James had that response, but I said, “Yes, talk to Daddy.”

James hand shook a little bit as he took the phone, but he said, “Hello…?”

Then he looked at me and said, “Now he’s crying!”

Lee talked to James for a couple of minutes and then they said “Goodbye”

I don’t know why that happened. I don’t know if it’s a sign of good things to come, but WOW! Out of the blue just like that, God gave them the opportunity to speak to each other.

As soon as I hung up, James said, “So now when can I see him?”

I said, “I don’t know, Hon.”

I gave him a hug and I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon marveling at our wonderful blessing and waiting to hear from Lee on how it came about!


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  1. ashley@twentysixcats

    Now tears are coming to MY eyes! That’s so amazing!!! Thank you, God!

  2. Theresa

    amazing!!! so happy for you all. Prayers for even greater things!

  3. MaggieRaye

    Oh my gosh!!!! Lizzie what a blessing….(((HUGS))). Thanking the Lord for his marvelous, miraculous provision for James.

  4. Pam

    All I can say thru tears is AMAZING….maybe this new PO
    Realizes the ache in this little boys heart for his daddy…
    Appears you guys have followed all of the rules……maybe
    Now FINALLY you will be reunited physically…… Maybe next
    Time you can all be on the phone at the same time to
    Keep the conversation going….soon Lord please very soon.
    I am soooooooo excited for you…….maybe they will let
    Lee give his number to James so he could call him when HE
    Wants to…….thanks for sharing Lizzie……many pray for you all.
    God bless, Pam, South Bend

  5. Barbara H.

    That is so wonderful! Praise the Lord! I hope they can actually see each other very soon.

  6. Shanna

    Lizzie, this is wonderful news! What an unexpected and thrilling little “surprise”!

    I don’t know if I have ever commented before, but I have followed your story for a good while now, and I have prayed and thought of you often. I am planning to continue to follow your story until the GREAT REUNION, and beyond!

    God bless your family. You have been an unwavering source of inspiration and a testament to God’s Grace for me, and I’m sure countless others, even when I am sure that was the last thing you felt like. I hope the end of the road is in sight for your precious family now.

    Thanks so much for your kind words and for letting me know you are reading and praying!

  7. EEEEMommy

    Wow!! Praise the Lord! How long had it been?? I pray this is an indication of more to come! A boy and his dad need one another!

  8. Char

    Praise GOD!!!

  9. Ame

    oh, Lizzie!!! that’s SOOO awesome!!! it made me cry 🙂

  10. Sally

    Amazing, Wonderful. Terrific, will pray this is only the small beginning of a opening that will unite you all again very soon. We love you all Lizzie.

  11. Cindy

    I am so so thankful for your blessing. What an incredible surprise for you, your husband and son. Praise God!

  12. Christy

    I have chill bumps ALL over!!!! Wonderful, awesome, exciting news. Yay, God!!!

  13. Janet

    Praise GOD! Praise GOD!!! I can’t wait to see what ELSE God does for y’all!!!

  14. Alesha

    just wonderful!!!

  15. Susanna

    tears! how wonderful. may they be reunited very soon xx

  16. MamaHen


  17. Lisa

    I KNEW there was a reason I had to go to the library and get on a computer this morning!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Lord for the gift to this family!

  18. carol

    Oh, Lizzie, praise the Lord!!!!I am so happy for all of you!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep praying for the happy reunion day that is still to come.

  19. Revka Stearns

    Praise the Lord! I’ve been praying that this new PO would make changes regarding your family situation. This may not be a big change, but it’s a change. Wonderful!

  20. The NON-Superwoman

    Such joyful news! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Jen

    Oh my gosh Oh my gosh OH MY GOSH!!!

    Oh how happy I am for you!!

    I will keep praying!!

    I have used so! many! exclamation! marks!!!

  22. Gillian

    What a wonderful moment for James and his Dad. I hope you are all together again very soon.

  23. TransitionGirl

    WOWOWOWW! praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jennifer

    What a wonderful early Father’s Day present for Lee. Maybe you finally got a PO that has a heart. Blessings!

  25. Jenn

    This is such wonderful news, it made me cry!!

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