An Interesting Coincidence

by adustyframe ~ June 22nd, 2010

While my family was here, we went to church with my brother and his wife. I really enjoy going to their church and James does too. It was a special treat for us to attend two Sundays in a row.

When my other sister was here in May, I found a Ladies Sunday School class at my brother’s church that I enjoyed. I talked my mom into going to it with me while we were there the past couple weeks. She enjoyed it too.

The teacher had just started a study in Job and it is about God’s grace in our trials.

On the second week, she shared a prayer request for her friend. As the teacher went through the prayer request, I began to recognize some of the details. The story became more and more familiar and I thought to myself that I think I read her friend’s blog!

When we got home after church, I looked up the blog and sure enough, the most recent post was exactly the prayer request I heard in the Sunday School class. I emailed the blog author and told her about being in her friend’s Sunday School class.

Even though I was not “Lizzie” in the Sunday School class, I decided it was ok to share this with the blog author. I wanted to let her know I was especially praying for her now.

My mom and I ordered the Bible study through the church and on Wednesday night, we were able to pick them up. The Sunday School teacher said, “Hey! I heard you know my friend.”

We chatted for a few minutes then she said, “Ok this may sound weird, but I wanted to tell you that I used to read your blog all the time. I even remember reading one post and stopping what I was doing to pray for you and I still pray for you.”

How cool is that? I didn’t mind that she knew who I was. It just seemed like a perfect opportunity to share with her what God has been doing in our lives.

I found it interesting that so many “coincidences” made me and my situation more real to them and renewed their commitment to pray for me and meeting her friend renewed my commitment to pray for the blog author.

So, you never know, someday you may have a Lizzie sighting and I just may let you know that I know you!

**I have an extra copy of this Bible study that I will be giving away soon–stay tuned for details!**


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  1. Ame

    what i love about this is your freedom to be you to someone who knows you out here. that shows that your situation is loosing it’s power over you 🙂 … and that’s HUGE! it’s a very hard place to get to, but once there, it is very freeing 🙂

    you’re awesome 🙂

    I never thought about that! Losing it’s power is a very good thing!

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