What’s Up with the Calls?

by adustyframe ~ June 22nd, 2010

Lisa asked in the comments and I meant to post this earlier.

What’s up with the phone call?

Well, it was a complete surprise to James and I and I later found out that it was to Lee as well.

Lee’s former parole officer–the woman–called me and apologized that we didn’t have a heads up. She thought that the male officer would have called me ahead of time to let me know and prepare James.

Apparently this is the first step (according to the woman parole officer) of moving Lee home! I don’t know how long this process is or what it will involve, but I was so thankful to finally hear someone say those words.

Lee will be able to call James every time he visits with his parole officer for now. That’s the only step I’ve been told, but it’s a step forward in my eyes.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the attorney had something to do with this but I haven’t heard back from him yet.

James is thinking of all sorts of things to tell his Dad next time. Including, “When you come home, we’re going fishing every day!”

The woman parole officer expressed surprise to me that Lee cried. Lee said his new parole officer said, “Wow, I didn’t realize you loved your son so much.’

Good grief! I don’t know how they didn’t know that Lee loves his son. He’s been begging to get this process moving for years and I have told them of the love these two have for each other. I don’t know if they didn’t listen or if they just deal with so many daddies that don’t love their families.

I think it was good that the parole officer saw Lee’s tears. Lee doesn’t! He thinks it’s admitting weakness. I told him that it can never hurt for them to know how much he loves his son.

So that’s where we are right now. In many ways, I feel very encouraged and excited but at the same time, I feel like it is too easy for this to be yanked away from us and I don’t want to get my hopes up again!

Thank you for praying for us. It’s a blessing to finally see things move in a better direction.


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  1. prayersister

    I asked God for a blessing today!
    Praise the Lord!
    you guys made me cry

  2. Barbara H.

    That sounds like such a great step in the right direction. I hope they don’t yank it away — that would be so hard for everyone, especially James, I think. I am glad they got a glimpse of how much Lee cares.

  3. Pam

    It is sad to know that the folks in the position
    To make these decisions are not discerning
    Enough to recognize genuine love and pain….
    Lee clearly loves and misses James or he
    Would not have followed every rule so closely.
    God bless, Pam, South Bend

  4. Lisa

    I’m so glad they at least get THAT contact with each other–surely it counts as answered prayer!
    On another note, I notice you didn’t sign up for my book giveaway–maybe you’ve already read the book? Check it out. Please pray, too–my son was picked up by the police again. Not good. He really needs prayer!

    I will pray for him. I have been since you posted this.

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