by adustyframe ~ June 24th, 2010

I waffled about posting this but I asked Lee and he said it was alright.

James is going to Bible camp the week after 4th of July. It has long been promised to him to go and he’s been working hard for the scholarship the church gives to provide part of the fee.

He’s also saved up $35 of his own money so he can do crafts and buy ice cream and play paint ball.

Going to camp was a wonderful experience for him last year. It helped him to be less fearful in my absence. It helped him to be more independent. It helped him have a week of carefree days in a safe environment.

I never thought that we would have difficulty paying for this but that is the case. I know that God will provide it somehow. However, with Lee in school and unemployed since February, we are stretched beyond the limits in our finances right now. We’re trusting that God will provide a great job for Lee as soon as he’s able to work at the end of July, but camp will be over by then.

If you feel like you can chip in a couple dollars towards James camp fees (part of this is so I can find him a couple pairs of shorts and things like bug spray too) please consider contributing to the chip in.

If you would prefer to purchase something from my Etsy shop that helps too and I’m happy to send you something–I don’t want to just be asking for a hand out.

If you have nothing to give (and boy do I understand that!) please just pray that God will provide Ebay or Etsy sales for me or odd jobs for Lee.



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  1. Sue Powell

    Do you accept paypal?

    Yes:) the chip in takes you to Paypal. Thank you.

  2. Mandy

    Wow! It’s already a 100%!!! I was getting ready to scroll down and chip in, but I saw the goal was already met [can we still donate, maybe so James can splurge on something fun for camp?? I’m a little dumb on whether it will still accept donations. Technology. Sigh].

    Seeing that readers had already helped you guys meet the goal has made my day. I hope he has a WONDERFUL time at camp.

    And congrats on the phone call!!!

    Well…… I never turn down money;). That is completely up to you. Our paypal is adustyframe @ (take out the spaces) but I’m so thankful for the generosity!

  3. Sally

    Praise the Lord that people have provided so James can attend camp. I’m very happy about that.

  4. Christy

    Praise the Lord!! Awesome response.

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