Lee’s Call

by adustyframe ~ June 30th, 2010

Lee and his parole officer set up a call for 2 pm. James and I once again, hurried home so we’d be here when the phone rang.

We sat around. I began to feel sick. James said he hoped Dad didn’t call so he could hear me get mad at someone on the phone. He said that after I tried to lighten the mood by saying, “If he doesn’t call today, I’m going to holler at someone.” James thought that was funny.

At 2:30 the phone rang and I handed it to the boy. I sat near him and listened.

James told Dad all about the fun thing we did last weekend. They talked about his softball tournament.  He played a piece on the piano for Dad. He laughed with Dad when Dad said, “Mom taught you how to play that? Well, I taught her everything she knows about the piano.”

They talked for quite a bit longer this time and I heard Lee say, “I love you very very much.”

I smiled. What a joy to finally hear Lee express those words to his son.

After they hung up,  James went into the kitchen to get some fruit. I heard him humming and singing. His little heart was so happy.

Thank you, Lord!


10 Thoughts Shared to Lee’s Call

  1. Barbara H.

    What a wonderful blessing!

  2. TransitionGirl

    so good!! I’m so happy for Lee and James! and of course u! 🙂

  3. Pam

    We do all make mistakes…but this was a little boys
    Heart…..you handled it. Beautifully ….

  4. Lisa

    How old was James when it all started? I know I’ve been reading here a while! I am so happy for them. I’ve really been praying–seeing how blessed we are with my son’s PO I could imagine how awful it could be. Glad they get to at least have this form of contact.

  5. Sally

    This was so exciting to hear about. You have done a beautiful job in keeping James in love with his Dad. How wonderful they are allowed to talk. We continue to pray for you all.

  6. Ame

    the power of a dad’s love 🙂

  7. Robin in New Jersey

    What a wonderful blessing!

  8. Lady Why

    What a wonderful blessing! Praising the Lord with you. 🙂

  9. The NON-Superwoman

    His heart was happy….that made my heart happy. Blessings to you!

  10. theprincessofquitealot

    Wow, Wow, WOW!!!! Such a blessing to hear about this 🙂

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