Summer Plans

by adustyframe ~ June 30th, 2010

James and I made a list the other day of our summer plans. If I’m good, I’ll get it scrapbooked one of these days. I like to do that and see what sort of dreams and plans we have. It’s fun to look back at these lists.

Summer 2010 Plans

1.Go to the water park at least 1 time per week

2. Pick strawberries–we better get this done quickly!

3. Go to camp–next Monday!

4. Little House event at an area museum

5. Go to a vintage style baseball game at a museum

6. Read a lot

7. Make homemade ice cream

8. Go to the Farmer’s Market

9. Eat breakfast at McDonald’s

10. Garden and eat fresh veggies

11. Make smoothie popsicles

12. Spend lots of afternoons and evenings in the backyard

13. Have 1 or 2 fires and make Smores

14. Have friends over

15. Have a pool party

I have my own list of projects and things to get done. I feel like we’re getting a late start on our summer due to all our company but we’re glad they were here too!

What are you doing this summer?


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  1. Lisa

    The old-time baseball game and the Little House event both sound great! [so does the rest of it!]

  2. Barbara H.

    That is such a great idea. I love the laid-back unscheduledness of summer, but sometimes we’re so laid back the summer just drifts by without our getting things done we’d like to do.

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