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by adustyframe ~ July 9th, 2010

outside the frame

We used to dye macaroni when I worked at the day care. It’s a fun summer craft if your children are looking for something new to do.

Here’s a cool tool! A website that helps you coordinate taking meals to people.

A cute summer banner–I like this whole blog!

How to make a book from envelopes.

A cool recipe for sidewalk paint.

A messy party–sounds like a great way to create some fun memories.

I’m going to try this idea with my son. Summer Bingo. I didn’t make fancy cards. I just printed out a bingo form and filled it in. I think he’s going to love it!


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  1. carol

    You always have such nice links.

    I used to teach first grade, and I would occasionally dye macaroni for projects. I was always amazed by how brilliant the colors were. And, there are so many interesting shapes of pasta available. It makes for a great sorting project.

    That meal website is phenomenal. A friend had told me about it, and I passed the info on to another friend who heads up the meals ministry at her church. She LOVES it! She said it is a huge help.

    Let us know how the bingo idea goes. It sounds wonderful. Sadly, my kiddos are all grown up, but I wish I had known about this idea a few years ago.

    Have a blessed day in church tomorrow!

    Thanks:) I like sharing things I find in case anyone else can use them;).

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