Summer Fun Ideas (Or What to do with a Bored Kid!)

by adustyframe ~ July 12th, 2010

Since James is an only child, I think he has a tendency to get bored a little more easily. We keep busy and he does play with friends, but he’s often looking for something to do.

While James was at camp, I made a list of fun ideas. I wrote each on a piece of a 3×5 card and dropped them in a basket.

When he is truly bored and has done his chores and other good stuff, I’ll let him choose 2 ideas from the basket.

The rule is he has to do one of the ideas.

Here’s the list–feel free to leave a comment with some more ideas you have.

Mom I’m Bored List

Make Goop= (Cornstarch and water equal )

Skate in the tub on shaving cream

Bake something

Play in the sprinkler

Paint yourself=(1 squirt paint, 3 squirts dish soap, paint brush–in the tub)

Paint Pet Rocks

Measure stuff

Play with shaving cream outside

Play a game with mom

Read a book

Make a fort

Make Mud and play in it

Work on a puzzle

Review your Presidents or States facts

Play with sidewalk chalk


Watch the clouds with mom

Read outside on a blanket with mom

Wash the car/truck/bike

Ride your bike

Make an obstacle course in the back yard

Use your binoculars outside

Play catch

Build with Legos

Clean under the couch–keep any change

Make a treat to share with the neighbors

Try a science experiment

Draw a map of the yard or house

Practice magic tricks

Paint your face

Build something with your building toys, (marble run, Lincoln Logs, blocks, etc)

Practice your piano

Race cars

Invent a new bouncy ball game

Find an ant colony and observe them

Invent a death defying circus act

Do origami

Listen to Odyssey online

Take pictures

Take a walk and identify trees

Make an obstacle course for your cars

Make playdough

Make mom bookmarks for school

Make a cat toy

Make a boat and race it in the pool

Write a list of 100 things you could do if we had no tv or computer

Find an idea in your Dangerous Book for Boys

Organize the art supplies

Make new crayons with broken crayons

Write a letter to our Compassion Child

Play math games on the computer

Freeze toys to chip out of ice

Water the garden

Refill the bird feeders

Carve soap

Plan a dinner menu for Mom

Make sidewalk paint

Shave ice for snow cones

Go fishing

Design tee shirts

Play hair dryer Atari=blow ping pong ball or paper cup with hair dryer–keep it in the air

Take a photo scavenger hunt–win a prize

Make a smoothie

Play I Spy with mom outside

Draw a bike path with chalk and follow it

Practice your pogo stick

Make a list of 20 “would you rather” questions

Make pudding

Build something with only red and white Legos

Build something with only 25 Legos

Play a game outside with mom

Make a volcano

Memorize 5 state capitals

Look at scrapbooks with mom


6 Thoughts Shared to Summer Fun Ideas (Or What to do with a Bored Kid!)

  1. Lisa

    It isn’t just only children………–Good List. One year I made an I’m bored Jar. Little slips, but it was “trick or treat” maybe you got “fun” maybe a chore! It helped! They still talk about it.

  2. Pam

    One word. EXCELLENT !!!!!!
    I would also add the alphabet game where you
    Make a list of things from a to z that can be found
    Inside or outside the house…….
    Great list Lizzie !!!

  3. MamaHen

    Sounds like a great idea! Let us know how it goes.

  4. carol

    Wow! What a great list! You are such a good mom. 🙂 My first thought was the fort. Another idea is to learn how to juggle or to make balloon animals. He’s probably too old for this, but my kids loved to paint with water. (just a regular bucket of water and different size paintbrushes) It evaporates quickly if it is very hot, but if it is not too hot outside, you can play tic-tac-toe or draw pictures. Just one safety note – I would be very leery about letting him skate in the tub. I have fallen in a tub before. Thankfully, I didn’t break anything, but it is easy to do.

  5. Gillian

    Fantastic list! There are some great ideas hear that I might just tuck away for future reference.

    I hope James enjoys the list.

  6. Susanna

    what a great list! i may have to borrow some of those ideas this summer…

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