by adustyframe ~ July 14th, 2010

There’s a political commercial on TV around here.

It’s a politician standing in front of a prison. He says, “Prisoners receive Cadillac health care…” His premise was to cut spending on prisoner’s health care to save money in the budget.

I just have to roll my eyes about the Cadillac part. I know that this is a hot topic, but prisoners don’t get special health care. At least not here.

I think of the time there was MRSA in the prison Lee was in. The infected prisoners weren’t quarantined. There wasn’t even soap in the bathrooms.

When an inmates wife complained to the news, the warden said it was being handled. But nothing changed. I heard the inmate’s wife was threatened by the warden that if she didn’t stop contacting the news her husband would be transferred to the prison farthest from her home. (I knew people who knew her. I’m not sure how 100% true the threat is.) I do know it’s true that there was no soap and the infected prisoners were in general population.

I think about when Lee had a horrible flu. He was so ill that a guard called the medical facility to ask for treatment for Lee. They gave him a Tylenol.

I can share a lot of stories. There’s no Cadillac health care in them though.

I know not to believe everything a politician says. I know they run ads to get people riled up. So even though I roll my eyes, deep inside his ad makes me angry. It makes me angry that people believe it’s true.


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  1. Barbara H.

    That is one thing I despise about politics — that people who don’t know what they’re talking about use buzz words to get people riled up to vote for them. That is very sad.

  2. Lisa

    It’s like Regan’s story of welfare Mom driving a Cadillac–it’s all for political gain regardless of truth. I know they do NOT get medical care–one of the reason my son’s PO is glad things are too over-crowded for him to “go in” [i.e. weapons and drugs first, then everyone else] is that there are no guarantees he’ll get his meds that keep him stable. He admits they don’t have money for anything except stitching up fight victims and that’s about it.

  3. Janet

    Oh, Lizzie, I never knew that prisons were this bad. I’ve always heard people say that they eat better and are treated better than other people. Thank you for sharing the truth, dear lady!

  4. A Dusty Frame » Blog Archive » I Have A Friend Or Family Member in Prison~What Can I Do?

    […] I wrote about a time when MRSA was going around the prison Lee was in and there wasn’t even soap in the bathroom. The guards laughed at him when he asked for it. The warden publicly said that those with MRSA were quarantined and everything was being done to contain it but those with MRSA were in general population with everyone else and no precautions were being taken AT ALL. What I had to do was just pray and ask God to help me not worry because there was nothing I could do. MAYBE the canteen will have Vitamin C he can buy but that’s about all I know. […]

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