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by adustyframe ~ July 14th, 2010


Who would think that I’d have cantaloupe memories or funnies, much less a tip! But I do.


James used to call cantaloupe “cantelopen “.

Every time we had cantaloupe when we were kids, my mom would say, “I can’t elope I’m already married.”

One time my Grandma made us cantaloupe pie. We couldn’t imagine how that would turn out, but she said it was really good. So we eagerly awaited a yummy pie. She brought it to the table and we all just stared! It was a crust with gloppy pudding and huge cantaloupe chunks in it. Needless to say we didn’t agree with her on the yummy status!

Ok enough of the cantaloupe funnies. We enjoy eating it around here, but there’s nothing so nasty as a bad cantaloupe!

I heard this tip ages ago and it works every time!

To choose a good cantaloupe:

1. Press in on the indentation at the stem end. It should feel soft and spongy–not soft like rotten! Just not as hard as the rest of the melon. If it’s hard and doesn’t give a little when you push it, it’s not a good melon.

2. Smell the indentation. It should smell like cantaloupe. If it doesn’t the melon is not good.

Since I’ve practiced this tip, I’ve never purchased a bad cantaloupe.

I thought to post this because I was at the grocery store on Sunday and two ladies were standing at the cantaloupes saying, “I don’t know how to pick a good one.” I shared this tip with them and now I’m sharing it with you!

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  1. MamaHen

    I always craved canteloupe when I was expecting. One time my mom and I found a place that sold canteloupe icecream (hand-churned) and it was delicious!

  2. 'Becca

    Those are good tips! One that I’ve learned from experience is, if you don’t need to use the cantaloupe right away, set it on the kitchen shelf and wait until you can smell it when you walk into the room–that means it’s fully ripe and juicy!

  3. Taylor at

    I am going to use this tip. It always seems like I choose at random, so it is just luck if I get a good one or not, and since I love cantaloupe I want to get a good one every time!

  4. Johnlyn

    Thank you! I never know how to pick them out. I have heard to look for a sugar spot, but I’m still clueless.

    I love what your mom used to say. Hopefully I’ll remember to say it to my own kids!

  5. Johanna

    Great tip! Another tip that works for me in choosing a good cantaloupe is this: You know how the surface of a cantaloupe looks like it is covered with a lacy sort of webbing? That part should be very light-beige colored. And the smoother surface under that netting-looking part should ALSO be very light-beige colored. In other words, no green color under the lighter layer on top. If it’s all very light, and the indentation smells like cantaloupe, as you suggested, you’ve probably got a winner!

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