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by adustyframe ~ July 16th, 2010

outside the frame

Mark Twain’s Autobiography will be published this year.

Make your Own Harmonica

A fun idea to help you wash fewer drinking glasses.

I tried this cake recently. It was pretty good!

Another pretty website for those who are eating gluten free


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  1. Lisa

    Cute idea for no more load of glasses in the dishwasher. (For a while there I packed away all but 4–one for a friend and it did help!)

    FYI: Thought you’d like follow up on an “Outside the Frame” link. I loved last weeks Summer Bingo link! I made two cards for my kids, upped the prize to a teen-pleasing $20 bill and then loaded the cards with some fun things, some Mom-pleasers and some “others.” Any winning line, regardless of direction, had TURN OFF YOUR PHONE FOR 1 HOUR WHILE AWAKE and either Read an extra 1/2 hour or Read 2 Chapters from same book of the Bible! Wow have the extra chores gotten done! They finally figured out the “secret:” If they picked “help Grandma for an hour” they got that square checked and got the dreaded phone one done–no phones with Grandma is a rule! Since she rewards compliance with McDonalds it was win-win!!! Thanks for the cool links–they do find an appreciate audience!

    Great:) Thanks for letting me know. I have a couple blogs I read and I wait for their links post:) So I figure someone will like the links I find. We all can’t be everywhere on the internet at once right?:)

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