Works of God~Count Your Blessings

by adustyframe ~ July 18th, 2010


We have been blessed this past week.

1. Lee got his 1st paycheck!!!!! Now I just have to figure out where to spread it around to make the most people happy!

2. My friend gave us a bag of clothes for James.

3. Lee survived full time school and full time work–sort of! He’s one tired puppy. Please pray for him. Only 2 more weeks of this.

4. He was offered a full time job in the metal fab shop which he prefers to welding. He’s going to take it while we keep looking for trucking jobs. Due to his probation, finding a trucking job may not be easy until he’s “off paper”.

5. He almost fell off the neighbor’s roof on Saturday. He went over to help them roof and the man refused to put roof jacks on the roof. (Lee says this is where you put your feet to stop from sliding off the roof.) He started to slide and only stopped by bumping into their sky light. I am very thankful that God kept him up on that roof!

What about you?


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  1. Pam

    Today is our wedding anniversary……the Lord has
    Blessed us by bringing us. T H R U. Many trials
    And tribulations and given us many blessings….

  2. Katherine Craddock

    The teaser trailer for the movie I wrote was just released yesterday! Pray that it will be a great blessing to ALL the world and that everyone who watches it will know just how much Jesus loves them and the beautiful plans He has for each one of us!



  3. Sally

    Thankful that God does truly protect us when we fall. So glad to hear that Lee was not injured when he fell. This morning I fell when I was mowing the slopply side of our lawn. I bent my glasses and got a cut by the side of my eye, but I didn’t pass out and was able to get back up. Laughed at myself and went on and finished the lawn.
    We had a wonderful, fun weekend.

  4. Barbara H.

    Quite a lor of good things happened this past week! Praise the Lord!

  5. Sally

    Just want to correct some spelling on my comment of this morning. I meant SLOPING instead of slopply. I did go to the eye doctor this afternoon and he was able to straighten my glass frame which we thought might have to be replaced. PRAISES GOD. I have a black eye, bruised left shoulder and scratched up left leg but NO broken bones.

  6. carol

    How exciting to get that paycheck! I know it seemed that you would never get to this point. The Lord has done so much in your life these past few years since I started following your blog. It is a path you would have never chosen, but you have stayed faithful, and God has been working and will continue to work. (Phil. 1:6)Praise the Lord! Thank you, again, for sharing your testimony of God’s grace in your life. Only eternity will tell how God has used it in the lives of others.

    This week, I thank the Lord for the lessons He continues to teach me in my life, too. It is frustrating that so often He has to teach me the same thing over and over again, but I am thankful that He is patient and willing to do it. Oh, to be so patient and kind in my own dealings with others!

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