True Confessions

by adustyframe ~ July 20th, 2010

I haven’t blogged any true confessions for awhile have I?

Here are few more.

1. I prefer to be lazy.

2. I have an inner “Monk”. I make James put the bath mat straight–I can’t stand having crooked things on the walls–I move tables at Bible study if they’re crooked!

3. I enjoy scaring our little black kitty. I know it’s mean but I can’t help it. I love seeing her jump.

4. I really love the color red.

5. I crack my knuckles.

6. I’m really bad at reversing the car.

7. I always run over curbs when I turn.

8. I don’t like some of the books on our reading list for school. Blech!

9. I don’t like talking on the phone.

10. James’ input is that I like pretzels and mustard. He thinks that’s really weird and asks, “Is that normal?”

What about you? Any weird quirks you’d like to share?


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  1. Lisa

    Oh come, on, share which books you hate!! lol…..We really disliked nearly all the science books [not the experiment books–the “living” science books]. FYI–my son got 30 days “inside”. It started yesterday. Please pray.

  2. Barbara H.

    Pretzels and mustard? I’d never heard of that combination. I don’t really like pretzels — you can have my share. 🙂

    I am basically lazy, too, and can’t stand when a picture on a wall is crooked. Yet somehow the three separate stacks on my desk don’t bother me as much as they should…

  3. eunice

    I can relate to the making the tables straight , but I probably wouldnt do it …would want to though !! I have a black kitty too , was little and fluffy when my kids were at home ( quite awhile ago now ), they did scare it to see it jump , would make me mad , now it still sleeps under my bedspread on my bed , I think it likes the “safe” feeling, has always been sort of a “scardy” cat !! It grew to be a very very big kitty , he weigh’s a lot ! BEAR is his name !
    Thanks for sharing ! Have a fabulous evening !

  4. carol

    Enjoyed getting to know more about you!

    Hearing someone crack their knuckles gives me the chills!(like fingernails on a chalkboard!) EEEWWW!

    I hate talking on the phone, too.

    I LOVE soft pretzels with mustard! I tried a mustard sauce with hard pretzels one time which was ok, but I like my hard pretzels with soda or ice cream.

    I’m not so great at the curb thing either. 🙁

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