Answered Prayer

by adustyframe ~ July 27th, 2010

Last night, I had trouble sleeping. I was concerned about Lee’s day today.

I was surprised I wasn’t concerned about his day on Monday. On Monday, they drove the semis through standing water and had to hit the brakes and control the truck. I’m glad I didn’t witness that one!

Lee said his instructor told him he was brilliant. Lee’s partner said it’s a good thing school is almost done because Lee has the big head now!

Today was their field trip. They were driving their semis on a 250 mile trip. Lee was looking forward to it for a long time, but I was concerned because he works so late and had to go back to work after a day in the semi.

He called me early this morning and said they excluded him from the trip because of his work hours. He was a little bummed but glad too. I’m sad he missed his day in the semi because I know he was excited about that.

But I’m thankful the Lord answered my prayers with a good solution. I’m thankful that the instructors are working with Lee and his crazy schedule too.

Most of all I’m thankful he had time to rest today and that he’s safe!


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  1. eunice

    Will be wonderful when Lee is finished !!! My youngest son has his CDL ! Too bad about the trip , so good that Lee handled it well , hard to miss out on something that you wait for !

  2. Sally

    Praise God he didn”t have to drive on little rest. God was protecting him. Good lesson that the instructor realize it is not good to drive a long or short trip without sleep. We need to remember that as we travel a great distance soon.

  3. TransitionGirl

    thats good. safety is more important! 🙂

  4. carol

    Thank You, Lord.

  5. Barbara H.

    I’m glad they erred on the side of safety. Hope he has another chance another day.

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