by adustyframe ~ August 10th, 2010

Lee has an interview for a truck job this morning!

Please pray that it goes well. It’s a bonus that they didn’t automatically say “no”. At least they gave him a chance and are willing to talk with him.

It will be good practice for him.

** Thank you for praying. It doesn’t look like they will offer him a job, but it was good for him. At least he got an interview!**


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  4. Susanna

    all confused about time zones etc- he has prob had it by now but praying anyway!

  5. Lisa

    I thought of him and how my thinking has changed since following your blog the last few years [and since my son is now in Juve]. Our local npr station had a report on a debate in the City Council on changing the hiring process to give convicted felons a better chance at being hired………… My cousin’s sil is in that boat and is a trucker–she finally found work as a driver, but is very limited in routes, etc, but it can be done. I’m praying for him and you/James.

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