Music to My Ears!

by adustyframe ~ August 11th, 2010

James and I are reading through the Little House series together. We usually read one or two books per year.

If we just plowed straight through the series, we’d have trouble getting all our other literature books read. So, we save them for a delicious treat.

We started the series quite a few years ago, but I don’t mind reading them slowly.

Currently we’re reading By The Shores of Silver Lake. We haven’t read a lot over the summer, but James hasn’t been feeling well this past week. So we cuddled in bed and read quite a few chapters.

He asked how many more books do we still need to read.  So we counted the series.

Then he said, “Well, when we finish these we’ll just have to start over at the beginning.”

I love that boy!


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  1. MamaHen

    He sounds like my kind of child! I can’t tell you how many times I have re-read them.

  2. Maureen E

    Lizzie, I don’t know if you know, but there are at least two different sets of music from the Little House books that have been recorded. I don’t remember the name of one of them, but the other is called Happy Land. It might be fun to find it and match up the music to the songs as you read along.

    And then, of course, there’s the Little House cookbook, which can be a lot of fun as well.

    I’ll have to check into the CD’s. I know some of the songs. We have the cookbook. I should have James look at it and choose something to try again.

  3. Barbara H.

    LOL! Sweet! I wish I had read those to my kids when they were younger. I want to read them again myself some day.

  4. amy

    I just finished reading Farmer Boy to my five year old son. He liked it the most out of the first three but he still really liked the first two. I know what you mean about wanting to savor them… each chapter is so good, it’s hard not to read four or five in a sitting.


  5. Lisa

    Love it!! My daughter and I have read them like that and I hope she will reread them some day! I did make sure, though, that we read the LONG WINTER in winter! And, we took grandma’s antique coffee grinder home too–it helped understand how hard the day was. Another thing that helped was picking up some hay and trying to mimic the twisting while visiting the horses at my brothers. Oh my! What a workout!!

    We’re saving the Long Winter for winter reading too!:) Sometimes around here in a blizzard and the wind is blowing so hard, I say, I feel like we’re living in Little House!

  6. Janet

    Oh, how I love the LH series! Been hankering to read them again soon.:) I’ve read them twice to the girls and once to my mama when I was a teenager.

  7. prayersister


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