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by adustyframe ~ August 13th, 2010

outside the frame

I loved this idea. I had a good laugh too because the same thing happened to me when I tried to hammer on the spoons. Chalkboard spoon plant markers.

Tons of peach recipes on Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen.

A pretty lamp shade.

Did you see this “oops” typo? Funny!

Get a free learn to knit e-book.

Another Pioneer Woman link. The best frosting I’ve ever had. It is really good. I’ve made it for several years from a recipe I found in Taste of Home. It’s yummy!

That’s it for this week. What have you found?


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  1. Sarah

    Hi Lizzie,

    First of all I want to give you a ‘rambling’ warning – I will ramble – feel free to tell me to shut up!

    I discovered your blog about three weeks ago and since then I have worked backwards (which has been a little confusing at times!) and have read every single entry. I’m not even sure how I came across it – probably in one of my aimless wanderings around the internet – but anyway I did, and I was hooked.

    It took me a while to work out what the ‘details’ of your ‘story’ (and I hesitate to call it a story as it is so much more than that) as, as I said I was working my way through backwards (I’m awkward) from the latest posts backwards.

    It’s so strange because now I feel I know SO much about you and your life! Yet here you are and you know nothing about me! There have been times where it’s been late, or I’ve been busy and I’ve been left thinking ‘what was THAT about’ and I couldn’t wait to delve more and find out.

    You’ve been in my thoughts so much over the last three weeks. Thinking about the journey that you, Lee and James have taken, and have still to take. I have wondered and still do what is next for you upon this path that you walk.

    You have given SUCH an insight into those who are left behind and have to struggle onwards – and upwards – without their loved one and still manage to include that loved one in their life.

    You have given me pause for thought on the lives of those who are incarcerated and for their loved ones. And you have given me cause to give thanks that there are some who are incarcerated that do still have loved ones there waiting for them.

    With no end in sight (from what I can gather), you have given me inspiration on what a person can really do when faced with such hardship.

    You have given me such lessons in forgiveness and a deeper appreciation for my husband – I cannot, or do not want to imagine for a second what it would be like if he were not here.

    My life is different to yours; different challenges, my husband is here with me and I love him dearly. We have two wonderful children with special needs and you have made me realise that even though I am the one who is the fighter here, how much I do lean upon him and how he makes me strong. Could I ever do what I do now without him? I honestly don’t know.

    I sincerely hope that you will be reunited as a family soon. You all deserve to be – if there is anyone who is rehabilitated it is Lee and James needs his daddy. You need your husband too.

    Thank you for giving me such a privilege in looking at your lives.

    Thank you! I’m blessed to know that God has used my ramblings and words and frustrations and messes to encourage you to thank God for your own life!
    I appreciate your kind words.

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