Jury Duty

by adustyframe ~ August 16th, 2010

Early this spring, I received my first ever notice for jury duty.

Interestingly enough, James had just asked me what it was and we had a grand chat about what a wonderful piece of our justice system it is.

Then I got the notice and wasn’t so enthusiastic anymore!

We were still in school, but I decided to take my chances. I didn’t end up being called and I did a little “Whoo hoo” dance.

However, the second notice came at the end of that week.

I called and asked to be deferred until after school and the clerk put me on the schedule for the end of June. Thankfully, all our company was gone by then.

That morning I felt so nervous. I wondered how it would feel to sit in the court room. I wondered if there was a sign on my forehead that read, “She’s married to a criminal.” I wondered what they would ask me in front of everyone else.

We had to sit there in a big room for a long time! The clerk of courts introduced herself and talked and we got to watch a video.

Then we sat there some more. Good thing I brought my book. I was reading Laura Bush’s biography so the waiting didn’t bother me.

We were finally taken into a courtroom. I felt the nervousness in my stomach.

We went in and heard instructions and then the jury was seated. I was chosen and went up to the jury box where the questioning began.

We had to introduce ourselves and state if we had ever been in a court trial. Not if anyone you are married to has been–just you.

The questions went around and around. Jurors were dismissed and others moved up to the box to start over.

It was an interesting process but it was hot in there!

I was dismissed because I knew someone who had been in a similar situation to the case.  I ended up being disappointed that I couldn’t finish the case and see what happened!

But I was very glad to have it behind me.

Hanging out in the courtroom doesn’t stir up fond memories for me. I was glad to step out into the sun and move on with my day.


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  1. Barbara H.

    I can imagine. So far I have been able to get out of every jury summons. I just got one before we moved, and they said if you’ve moved you have to provide a copy of your new driver’s license or a piece of official mail with your name and new address on it, but of course we had neither at that point. I wrote back that we’d be moving before the date of the jury summons, but have not heard back yet.

    The thought of deciding someone else’s fate is unnerving to me.

  2. prayersister

    I am sorry you had to have the memory moments & am so proud of you for making the personal sacrifice to report for jury duty — praying for you

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