Works of God

by adustyframe ~ August 16th, 2010


Any blessings this week?

I’m thankful it cooled down a little!

James was ill all week but is mostly better. I’m thankful for that!

I’m thankful for health and strength!

I’m thankful that I took a few mornings and did my Bible study outdoors with a cup of coffee–SO RELAXING!

What about you?


4 Thoughts Shared to Works of God

  1. Pam

    Our new grandson is home and doing well…..

  2. carol

    I am very thankful for the much-needed rain that God sent us this past week.

  3. Janet

    I’m thankful that no matter what, God is in control! He’s our Provider, our Strength, our Friend, our Savior, our EVERYTHING! I’m so glad He is mine.

  4. Theresa

    The beautiful sun! New books that I have been reading. My heart starting to listen. My brother who is a walking testimony just got accepted into school. I am blessed beyond measure!

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