La Donna Velata The Woman with the Veil~Raphael

by adustyframe ~ August 17th, 2010


A  few weeks ago when I posted about how we do art study, I mentioned that we will study Raphael this term. We’re deviating from Ambleside’s  selection for this term because we had the opportunity to view a Raphael this spring.

When my sister visited from the West Coast, she and my brother set up all sorts of  places to go within driving distance. One thing they picked was visiting this Raphael painting. We took a day and packed our bags and away we went. I haven’t  really visited art museums before and since we study art in school, I wanted to take James along.

The museum was great! We saw a lot of wonderful art including a Monet. James and I studied Monet the last term of last year. I loved standing there looking at a Monet and thinking about all the things we learned about him last year.

James took a bit to walk back and forth and check out the Impressionist feature–bad close up, beautiful far away.

We entered the Raphael exhibit after a bit of touring the other areas. It was amazing!

There was history and background of Raphael which we found interesting because we also studied Michelangelo and DaVinci last year and they were contemporaries.

We watched a movie about Raphael and the painting  and learned many things as well. The movie shared how portrait painting had changed over the years and showed examples. It also talked about this painting as Raphael’s answer to the Mona Lisa. We learned about Pitti Palace where this priceless painting very rarely leaves!

Then we stepped into the room where La Donna Velata hung. WOW! It was amazing.

We were the only people in the room for quite awhile. It was fascinating to stand inches away from a painting done by Raphael in 1516.

The painting is framed in its original gilt frame which was amazing in itself.

James and I are always astounded that painters can paint such realistic and amazing things. It’s a talent that I certainly don’t posses in any fashion.

The painting is quite large and so much  more beautiful than the photos I saw online. We were able to closely observe for quite some time.

I just can’t express how wonderful it was to stand there and look at this beautiful piece of art.

My sister put a fraction of her toe over the line and spooked the guard I think. She had to scoot back pronto!

The other art we saw that day was beautiful as well, and I definitely loved seeing the Monet, but the Raphael was without a doubt the highlight.

I know that if I had seen this without doing Ambleside artist study, I would not have been as amazed. It was a great experience.

I couldn’t resist studying more about Raphael this term to build on our visit to the Lady with the Veil.


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  1. prayersister

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Jimmie

    Absolutely, when you have a chance to study the real deal in person then you really SHOULD change your artist study plans!

    Thanks for submitting this to the CM carnival.

  3. Kim

    What a wonderful oppoprtunity and experience! Those hands-on real life in-person educational experiences are the ones that my children love the most and that really stay with them. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience with your readers.

  4. Dawn

    Awesome. We are going to be able to see a Leonardo da Vinci in a few weeks in real life. We can not wait.]

  5. Barb-Harmony Art Mom

    I cried when we saw our first exhibit of Monet’s….it mas so moving and I totally agree that seeing art in person is so much more than the image on paper or computer screen.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Nadene

    Nothing can ever compare to seeing a masterpiece in real life! I’m hungry for your experience!

  7. Nancy

    “I just can’t express how wonderful it was to stand there and look at this beautiful piece of art.”

    The beauty of art overwhelms me, too. Thanks for getting across the awe you felt while viewing this. Just another reason to love a CM education…

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