Sometimes Things Make Me Mad!

by adustyframe ~ August 25th, 2010

I don’t always share every little thing that frustrates me about our situation.

If you stop and think for a minute what it would be like to see your husband on Saturdays for a couple hours and sit with him in Sunday School for 1/2 hour each week, you can imagine a lot of my frustrations.

It’s such an odd thing to be married and working on maintaining a relationship and not living together. It’d odd to be parents that can’t parent together.

In so many ways, so many things are so much better right now, but in other ways everything is the same.

I do a lot of “rolling with the punches”. I try to put a positive spin on so many things. I work on being content and counting our blessings (and there are many!).

But sometimes, I get really angry and frustrated.

Here’s an example:

A couple weeks ago, Lee needed to come home in the morning to get ready for an interview. Normally, I would have just found an errand to run so James and I wouldn’t be home and he could come get ready.

This time James was sick. He’d had high fevers and coughing and was generally feeling pretty low.

But we had to leave.

Lee needed to grab nice clothes and some papers he had here. He wanted to shower and trim his hair too.  He couldn’t do all of this at his place.

His interview was very important and I completely understood that he had to come home. I wasn’t angry at him just the situation.

I gathered my sick child into the car and put on a smile.  “Come on! We’ll take a ride and get some fresh air. How about we sit at the park and look at the lake?”

Normally, that would have been fun, but you know how it is when you’re sick. You just want to be home.

James was grouchy and inside I was mad at the situation.

It’s not normal to drag your sick kid to sit in the car at the park so your husband can come home.

I know this will be over someday and we will survive–we’ve been surviving. I just get really frustrated sometimes.


5 Thoughts Shared to Sometimes Things Make Me Mad!

  1. Sally

    Hugs to all three of you. How very difficult it must be at times. Our minds are just not aware of the many situations that would cause anyone to be mad. We love you all.

  2. Ame

    i’m sorry. and i understand on some level. people say, “but isn’t it better being married to your new husband?” well, YES! but being married to him doesn’t remove my ex or change the things he does … and it doesn’t change the past, etc.

    i think sometimes people want to make our situation better so they can handle it better … or something weird like that. i’m tired so i may not be articulating well.

    i have days i handle it all better than others … today was not one of those days. but tomorrow always comes 🙂

  3. Gillian

    That’s not a good situation at all 🙁 It must be hard enough for James not being able to see his Dad, let alone forced to leave the house…

    I hope the situation is resolved for you soon.

  4. Janet

    I can understand the feelings, although I cannot understand exactly what you are going through. I appreciate when you make the best out of everything and your honesty when you just can’t make the best out of it!

  5. Barbara H.

    I wonder if the powers that be who make these decisions realize what kind of ridiculous scenarios they put people in. Every day is one day closer to this being over!

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