Dragonfly Days

by adustyframe ~ August 26th, 2010

Photo credit: caysha from morguefile.com
I feel like summer flew right by.

We were very busy for most of it and it leaves me feeling tired and sad! We did a lot of fun things and spent time with our family. I’m not sad about that! I’m just sad it’s coming to an end.

I didn’t get to sit out in my backyard and relax enough! (boo hoo huh?)

One day a couple weeks ago, James and I spread a blanket under the tree in the backyard. I took out or bed pillows and some books.

We laid in the grass listening to the breeze through the leaves. The sky was a brilliant blue with big fluffy clouds.

We looked for pictures in the clouds. We read our books. We watched birds in our lilac tree.

A big dragonfly hovered around our yard.

We watched him flying around lazily checking out things in our garden and trees. We watched the wind make him drift off course and watched him fly back to the garden.

He was a huge dragonfly. He didn’t land near enough for us to examine him closely.

We had fun watching him anyway.

It was a perfect summer afternoon and one I want to remember. I’m hoping for a couple more “dragonfly days” in the next few weeks and then we’ll be back to our school year schedule with perfect summer memories.


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  1. Janet

    I love the term “Dragonfly Day”! Our summer has been just too busy and just too GONE!

  2. Barbara H.

    That’s a neat way to put it. Our summer was horrendously busy. I’m usually lamenting the end of it and the start of school as much as the kids, but this year it kind of represented a return to normalcy — or a setting of a new normalcy for us. I do hate having to set that silly alarm clock again, though.

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