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by adustyframe ~ August 27th, 2010

outside the frameI found some good links this week!

Here goes–

Lots of great zucchini recipes on Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen blog. When I was reading a Miss Read book, she kept talking about everyone bringing her marrows. Everyone had a bumper crop of marrow and she couldn’t figure out what to do with all of the marrows.

I had to stop and look up marrow and discovered that meant zucchini!  Then I had a good chuckle. Most of us have been either the gardener trying to pawn the stuff off or the friend hiding behind the curtains hoping you and your zucchinis will just go away!

A recipe for homemade pizza rolls.

A cute decoration–ice cream balloons

Isn’t this the coolest playroom?

Guess what? Your mom wasn’t lying to you–there really are more nutrients in the crust!

Mmmm doesn’t this sound good? Maple walnuts

Have you ever bleached your top accidentally? Here’s a great fix.

Ok that’s all! What did you find this week?


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  1. Wilm

    Hi Lizzie!
    A marrow is an overgrown zucchini – not as nice as zucchini I think. I think people might run even harder if you have a crop of marrow to pawn 🙂

    Cheer,s Wilm

    ah! Thanks for the clarification:). So you call them zucchini first? In the book I only saw them called “marrow”.

  2. katrina

    That’s so funny about the marrows. I’ve seen it in British books, but wasn’t sure what they were! I figured they were some type of pumpkin or root veggie. Was I wrong. Thanks for the clarification.

  3. Marie

    Yeah, the British call zucchini marrows, and eggplants are “aubergines”. A great (and low fat) way to prepare them that we like to do in summer is to slice them lengthwise, really thin, and grill them. Then put them in a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garic and fresh dill.

    Lizzie, I found this great website last week:

    Now, it is basically on the practice of the “Daniel Fast”, but I mention it because it is a great source of recipes which are veggie and very healthy. I am not doing it as a fast, but since my husband and half my kids are away in Bulgaria right now, I thought it would be a great time to try out things like that. Lots of recipes with beans, spinach, lentils….very simple; and very healthy. I know that you have been trying to lose weight, too; this might give you some new meal ideas. I made the spinach and lentil “meatballs” for supper tonight. I thought they were quite good!

    Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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