Works of God~Count Your Blessings

by adustyframe ~ September 13th, 2010


Any blessings this week? Surely you do!

When James says he can’t think of any, I say, “Well, do you have a place to live? Can you walk? Are you healthy? Do you have to run around nekkid?!” If you have the same answers that James has then you’re blessed! If you have your healthy, your relationship with the Lord, you have clothes, you have food…. you are very blessed indeed.

1. We faced a very difficult and confusing situation with a family member this past week. I’m blessed to be able to say that even though it’s not cleared up and may not be for a long while at least for now it seems to be diffused.

2. What I’m most thankful about is that I have multiple Godly friends that I was able to share with and ask for prayer. One of my prayer requests included that I would do what’s right and not behave how I wanted to behave! I’m thankful that I was able to ask friends to pray for me and I knew they did. Some shared Scripture with me and truly helped my attitude and they helped provide calm to my spirit.

God is good! I’m very blessed to have true Godly friends.

3. James and I enjoyed participating in several homeschool activities on Friday. It’s a blessing to have a busy group that we can latch onto and take advantage of the things they offer.

What about you?


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  1. Jenny – we are so humbled by and grateful for God’s blessings!

  2. Sally

    This Sunday after church the treasurer came up and gave Bob a check. He said it was a love gift from someone in the church. We will use it to trim down the expenses of car repairs we had on a recent trip.

  3. katrina

    We had a wonderful service at church yesterday! We honored the First Responders in our community. There were many first time visitors including several police officers and their families. I noticed there were many families visiting who were there because of the invitation of police officers who were being honnored. Pastor gave a very clear salvation message. I don’t think there were any decisions made, but the Seed was planted.

    After the morning service, we had a box lunch from a local chicken restaurant. It was SO good! And cheap! What a great time of fun and fellowship.

    There was a family fair after lunch and I noticed some return visitors with their children. Praying for more souls to be saved.

    I’m not happy my health insurance premiums are going up but I’m thankful I have a good job that provides good coverage.

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