by adustyframe ~ September 25th, 2010

Today James and I went to a Civil War encampment in a nearby community. Perfect timing since we’re all about the Civil War this year.

We had a really fun time! We got to see 2 battles today and watch all the other things that go on around the encampment.

It was hosted at a living history museum so we looked around that too.

As we walked on one trail to go to another area, I saw a family ahead of us. They had 6 kids scampering around. The mom was taking photos and the kids were chattering.

The dad turned back to say something and he smiled at his wife.

I got the familiar stab in my heart. NOT at all that I’m jealous of them! I just miss being together as a family. I miss being out with  my own husband and child.

One thing about single parenting that I really hate is that there’s no one to smile at over the head of a cute little kid. No one else who cares quite so much about the funny things he says or the silly things he does.

As quickly as I had the old stab in my heart, it hit me that next weekend that could be us!

It took my breath away. I know I keep saying it but I almost can’t believe it.

I smiled then. The “I miss my husband” stab hurt much less. Soon we’ll be a family out and about and I can’t wait!


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  1. Pam

    May God move on the hearts of those that can make it so

  2. carol

    “Dear Lord, please let it be so!”

  3. Jen

    Lizzie, I’m so excited for you! You will have to take a picture of all your feet TOGETHER (!!!) or something, so we can see you together without upsetting your privacy 🙂

    Praying for you all. 🙂

  4. sherry

    How excited you must be 🙂 I’m very happy for you!

  5. Janet

    I know exactly what you mean. It hurts.:(

  6. monica

    I am so happy for you and your family!!

  7. theprincessofquitealot

    LOVE the idea of the feet photo!!!

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