by adustyframe ~ September 28th, 2010

Well, today is the day.

I appreciate all your prayers. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning and at the same time, I feel a little sick to my stomach!

We were able to change the appointment to 2 hours earlier so if all goes well Lee and James will get to see each other this afternoon for a little while before Lee has to go to work.

As far as I know, James still doesn’t have a clue. I wanted to ask a friend of mine to take photos but the time of the appointment was up in the air for several days and I didn’t ask her.

I woke up singing praise songs this morning. I was reminded again that this is God. It’s not us. Nothing we’ve done made any difference in our situation.

I hope to update you later today, but if I don’t get back to blogging today I’m sure you’ll understand.


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  1. ashley @ twentysixcats

    Dear Jesus, thank you so much for making this happen, and I pray that you continue to open doors all the way so that this father and his son are reunited!!!

  2. carol

    I am praying for all of you today.

  3. Pam

    You were the first thing on my mind and in my prayers this AM

  4. Char

    Oh I understand, but PLEASE try to update us if you can!!!! We’re waiting on pins and needles!!!!!

    Praying that it goes well!!!!!!

  5. Sarah

    You’ve been on my mind all day, even though with the time zones when I got up it was probably the middle of the night still for you!

    Praying for you.

  6. Revka Stearns

    Praying, praying, praying for the right decision to be made. What a blessing that would be!

  7. Sally

    Praying for you all!!!

  8. Pam

    I keep checking in…..and praying….

  9. Lisa

    I am praying!

  10. Janet

    Praying and looking forward to your update! God bless your family!

  11. e-Mom

    Wonderful! Just wonderful Lizzie! Enjoy your day… (((Hugs)))

  12. judy

    May the blessings continue to pour down!

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