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by adustyframe ~ October 1st, 2010

outside the frame

Here are some of the links I found this week. I love sharing these with you! Thanks for letting me know that you like seeing them.

Owls seem to be popular this year. Here’s a cute printable Owl Mobile.

This commercial for insurance cracked me and James up! (It’s not Geico!)

Bridges and I are not friends. I think I should not complain about our bridges though–look at this. World’s scariest bridges.

Homemade pumpkin spice latte.….MMMM

A sweet book pumpkin. My mom used to make Christmas trees out of Reader’s Digests. This reminded me of that.

10 Things to Remember When your Child is Disobedient.

Easy Coconut Custard Pie


4 Thoughts Shared to From Outside the Frame

  1. Barbara H.

    The 10 things to remember was really good. I had never seen that commercial — too funny!

  2. amy

    Wow. The bridge I drive on six to ten times a year is on that list!

  3. sherry

    I don’t think the Mackninac Bridge is scary. I went across it half a dozen times this year. Most of them look MUCH scarier to me!


  4. Katherine

    I need to make the spice latte! I was going to make pumpkin muffins, so this is great timing~I’ll use the extra pumpkin for the lattes! 😉

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