Works of God~Share a Blessing

by adustyframe ~ October 18th, 2010


What blessings can you share today? Big or little…

1. I am blessed to be able to spend time with both of my boys.

2. I’m blessed to have support of another adult.

3. I’m blessed to have Lee correct James and back me up.

Parenting alone is very very difficult. It’s been such a blessing to have James’ daddy be able to tell him the same things his mom has been telling him.

I was also blessed to hear Lee tell James that his mom is doing the right thing when she makes him finish a job and do it well.

So many times, when I’ve had to decide everything on my own, I only see my shortcomings. It was a huge blessing to hear my husband tell my son that I’m doing a good job!

What about you?


3 Thoughts Shared to Works of God~Share a Blessing

  1. carol

    Woo-Hoo! I am liking your praises. So glad, again, that Lee is able to be with you and James, and it sounds like Lee is doing a good daddy job! Of course, we already knew you were doing a good job! Thank you for being faithful to God and to your marriage, as hard as it was.

  2. Lisa

    Similar to you–nice to hear a therapist who my son seems to respect say the same stuff I’ve said since ’03. I’m still beaming for your family!

  3. Janet

    How wonderful! I wish my day would come that I didn’t have to continue parenting alone.

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