Works of God~Share a Blessing

by adustyframe ~ October 25th, 2010


Do you have any blessings to share?

I shared several blessings last week–you can go back and read them. (please!)

We were also blessed to have a visit from my Titus 2 friend. She and her husband are such an encouragement to us!

What about you?


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  1. Katherine

    Our works of God is that we found out that I was pregnant in April–I was almost finished with the 1st trimester at that time and had no idea! I’m being induced this morning and value any prayers for baby and myself…I am a nervous wreck!! (And, this is my 5th baby–but it’s been too long and I’m older now…). Thanks so much! ♥

    Congratulations:) Please stop back when you can and let us know the baby stats:)!

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