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by adustyframe ~ October 26th, 2010

Here’s some stuff about Lee that probably doesn’t go together in one post, but since it’s my blog I guess I can post it. (lol)

1. An employee on first shift was fired last week. Lee applied for the job. Someone with more seniority also applied, but he’s not in the same department as Lee is. Please pray that if God wants him to get that position it will happen.

1st shift would be a great switch for his body clock.

Of course he said he’s a bit ambivalent about switching to first shift because being off work until Monday afternoon feels like another day off.

2. I found a card on the top of the fridge today. He sent it to me while he was in prison. It said, “To my Earth Angel” and inside it said “You’re always my princess even when you don’t feel like it.” Awww….

3. The other day, we were driving down the street and he glanced at the clock in the car. He said, “I’m so glad I don’t have to stand for count.”

It was one of the 4 times in the day when prisoners have to stand and be counted. He said it doesn’t matter what you’re doing everything stops and you stand still for quite sometime.

There is no way I can ever forget this happened, but I realized then that there are so many things that have marked Lee and made him different.


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  1. Marie


    I apologize if you’ve already posted this and I missed it – but have Lee and James been reunited yet?

    Yes! You missed it;0!

  2. Lisa

    Hopefully a lot of what he’s been thru has worked for the good in his life–that he will make better choices and not want a repeat.

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