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by adustyframe ~ November 1st, 2010


We have so much to be thankful for don’t we? I hope that even if you’re not sharing a blessing here, you are thanking God for his love and providence in your life!

1. I am blessed to have a home. I’m thankful for our new (last year) furnace!

2. I’ve been praying about James’ upcoming birthday and Christmas. It seems–like it does for all of us–that this time of year gets so tight. We don’t go overboard, but still it takes a bit of money.

One thing he really wanted was a scooter. I had decided to find a good deal on one and prayed that God would help us find good deals for gifts.

James and I went to Goodwill yesterday, and we found a scooter for $4.99. He told me all the reasons he needed it. I said I would get it but it counts as one of his birthday gifts even though it’s early.

He happily agreed and spent the afternoon out on his scooter. I was thankful to find him something he wanted for far less than the price of a new one!

3. We went bowling on Saturday. We used a free coupon and only had to spend a few dollars. I love coupons!

It was such a blessing to be out and about all together and doing things that are normal. “Normal” still tickles me.

What about you?


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  1. Barbara H.

    That’s so neat that you found a scooter in good condition at a good price! And normal is wonderful!

  2. Jenn

    Great deal on the scooter! As a bonus, getting it a little early means he gets extra time to ride it before it gets too cold outside. It’s already quite chilly here!

    Don’t you just love those blessings?! I was hanging laundry on the line this summer and noticed that my favorite set of sheets for our king size bed were feeling pretty thin, and I only have 2 sets of sheets in all. I sent up a little prayer that maybe God would bless us with another set of sheets when the time was right. I mean, they weren’t necessary, but sure would be nice, and money has been tight. Imagine my delight when walking through Target the very next week I found a king size set of shabby-chic sheets that match my duvet on clearance for $14.99 marked down from $64! I like those “little” blessings.

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