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by adustyframe ~ November 5th, 2010

outside the frame

Did you find any goodies this week? I found a few.

I think I found a couple of these at other blogs but I don’t remember who shared them–or I’d give them credit.

PhotoFunia--cool effects for your photos. (I haven’t looked through them all to see how appropriate they are….) Here’s a quick one I did this a.m.


I read this article this morning. She has some great points. To Be More Joyful Get Thicker Skin.

50 new uses for favorite things ( I know I found this one at Barbara’s)

We’re all about the Civil War around here. This is cool–Civil War dolls Xrayed for signs of smuggling.

1o free apron patterns–I love aprons and I do know how to sew. I just don’t do it.

I roasted pumpkin seeds this week. I did 1/2 plain with salt and the other 1/2 like this–Sweet Pumpkin Seeds.

You can send a Christmas card to a Compassion child who doesn’t have a sponsor yet! How easy and cheap to brighten a little child’s day and help them feel the love of God.

A fun idea–this blog has several posts of things that cost 13 oz or less so you can mail them first class–check it out~

How to make a primitive “grungy” candle–ooo!!

A quick and easy tool to make a pdf calendar

I love this snowman kit! I think you could make it without appliqueing on the scarf though–it could be a super quick and easy project and so fun to mail to little ones for winter fun.

A pretty version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen–his  sheet music and recordings look very reasonable.

That was a bigger list this week! Let me know if you found anything good or if you liked any of these.


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  1. Barbara H.

    I like the mailable gifts idea. I just mailed some cookies to my son and was astounded by how much it cost.

  2. carol

    Oh my, the things people think of! Thanks for sharing. That snowman kit is darling, and I had no idea that you could send things thru the mail without a box!

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