Tellin’ the Truth~A Day Late

by adustyframe ~ November 17th, 2010

Tellin the truth Tuesday

Sorry I’m late again. I’ve been feeling discombobulated lately! I started the week feeling very stressed out for no apparent reason and I’ve been slacking a bit.

Right now I’m on my maintenance phase. I’m supposed to maintain the last amount of weight I lost within 2 pounds. In the past rounds, I’ve had NO problem with this part and find it a very fun break from the strict phase.

This time, I’m having trouble maintaining and I’m very worried that dairy is causing the problems. Let me tell you if I have to give up dairy I will not be a happy woman!

I’ve added in extra exercise because I need to and because I need to get in a  good routine.

This week, I did Walk Away the Pounds, Turbo Jam (2o minute version), and Pilates for Weight Loss so far. I’m going to switch the DVD’s I have around and hopefully avoid hurting myself like I did when I did Turbo Jam everyday.

So far so good. I feel good and my clothes fit great. The number on the scale just isn’t behaving!

Other than this nothing too exciting. I haven’t tried any new recipes lately because I’m just concentrating on stabilizing my weight right now. After Thanksgiving, I’m planning to go back on the strict phase for a few weeks. I do NOT want to have a fiasco on my hands because of Christmas goodies!


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  1. Sally Martin

    I lost 15 pounds. I am in maintenance. Maintenance isn’t going as well. I have gained back 5 pounds. That was my goal not to gain more tan 5 back. I am retaining fluids big time. I think cheese which I dearlly love is my problem. I will go on stricted phrase after the first of the year again.

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