Works of God~Share a Blessing

by adustyframe ~ November 28th, 2010


What blessings are you counting this week?

I’m thankful that my online places have been busy this week. We’re still trying to catch up from Lee’s 5 months without work so every little bit helps!

I’m thankful that Lee had lots of days off over Thanksgiving and we all just soaked up being together.

I’m thankful that I was able to help a friend this week. After all the help I’ve received it feels so good to be able to do something to help someone else!

I am thankful for my weight loss cheering section at church. A few of the older ladies are so sweet and encouraging when they see me each week.

I’m thankful for the library.

I’m thankful for health and the ability to read and have hobbies.
What about you?


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  1. Janet

    Lizzie, I cannot wait until I’m in a position to really help someone else!

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