by adustyframe ~ November 30th, 2010


My brother LOVES pickles–dill only.

I don’t mind them. I’ve made some refrigerator pickles from my fresh garden cucumbers that I really enjoyed.

I like those garlic pickles in the section by the deli meats. The cold ones–are they Claussen?

Anyway, last week and this past Sunday, Pastor mentioned something about pickles that is such a good point.

When you put a cucumber in the pickling solution it is forever changed. It can never go back and be a cucumber.

We are to be like that when Christ changes us. Totally, radically, and forever changed.

We can’t go back to what we were.


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  1. Ame

    i think this is true of many things in life.

    i was talking w/a friend last night who has struggled in her marriage for years with her kinda dish-rag husband. he’s a good man, just not strong in the areas people in christian circles tend to believe a man should be strong in. it’s made her question her marriage for as long as i’ve known her, which is many years.

    i spent a looong time sharing with her how horrible divorce is. i became a christian when i was nine. it was as big as changing from a cucumber to a pickle … but not as dramatic as it could have been had i been older. but the divorce has been that dramatic, and the woman i was before is gone for forever. knowledge, once aquired, especially through experience, can never become un-aquired.

  2. Trish

    What a fantastic illustration! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pam

    Great example !!!! You might want to try this experiment with James next year if you plant cucumbers……when they are really tiny place one in a small bottle…..while still on the vine…let it grow until it fills the bottle……kind of like a ship in a bottle…..I did this with my daughter when she was little…..we did several….snipped them when they filled the bottle ….fileed the bottle with vinegar and capped them…….and displayed them on a shelf in the kitchen. She loved asking people how they thought she got the “pickle in the bottle”.

  4. Joy

    That was really good!

  5. eunice

    A wonderful example ! Thank you for sharing !!

  6. MamaHen

    That is a great illustration. Thank the Lord I will never be the same because of Christ!

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