by adustyframe ~ December 15th, 2010

grace 8x10

A few more thoughts from my study on grace. They come from Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges.

We constantly receive grace in the place of grace. Like ocean waves, one manifestation of his grace is hardly gone when another arrives.

Grace upon grace.

John 1:16 We don’t just receive grace but grace upon grace.

Another thought I really had to contemplate was the following:

Romans 5:20 “But where sin abounded grace abounded more.”

God’s grace superabounds. It doesn’t just abound. God blessed Peter (example in the book who messed up an awful lot–just like me!), not in spite of his sins but without regard to his sin.

His grace doesn’t look to our sin or even our good deeds. It only looks at the merit of Christ.


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