Tellin’ the Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ January 4th, 2011

Tellin the truth Tuesday

I posted my 1st Tellin’ the Truth Tuesday at the end of January last year.

I’ve been thinking about this past year and think that a few things contributed to my progress.

1. Posting weekly (or nearly weekly) about my goals and progress and asking for your help in accountability.

2. Giving up Nutra Sweet completely!

3. The diet I found.

4. A lessening of the stress in our lives.

I think everything works in combination.

I’ve been getting lots of comments about my determination, but I wish people could realize I was just as determined every other time I tried a diet.

Anyway, I’m so pleased with my past year and so thankful to the Lord for helping me find something that has truly changed my life.

I think this year my goal will be to finish this task and to keep working on getting more sleep.

Over the past year, that has improved quite a bit. If I stay up late it’s not every night anymore and I think that’s progress.

I need to go to bed way earlier though so that I can get up earlier and get more done before school each morning. So……pray for me!

What about you? What are your health goals this year?


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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    I have to lose 20 pounds. My blood pressure is too high. The dr. is keeping an eye on me and I am monitoring my BP at home. If it doesn’t go down by the end of this month, I start meds. She has me on vitamin D, Q-10, exercise, and diet modifications.

  2. Pam

    I’ve lost 35pounds since May 20th…. Gone from a 12-14 petite to a 4-6 ……I’m short too Lizzie so it doesn’t take much to be as wide as I am high!!! I’ve used the Glycimic Index for Dumbies book to lower my blood sugar and am walking 18 minutes in the morning and 30 at night…..I did gain 3 pounds over Christmas but I am not discouraged..I am thankful the Lord has given me the ability to get healthier…..without HIM I can do nothing.

  3. Heather

    When you say you gave up on Nutra Sweet, does that mean all non-calorie sweeteners? Are there some that are better than others? Why was that significant?

    I use stevia and sometimes xylitol. I’ve read quite a few things about how Nutra Sweet interferes with metabolism and helping you feel full. Also it makes you crave sweets. I do not like how much of a chemical it is and tried to give it up several times and just didn’t. I like soda and used to have sugar free pudding and those sorts of treats.

    I was also getting a LOT of migraines and think Nutra Sweet played a part in that.

  4. Janet

    Oh, I need to get to bed earlier and get up earlier, too!

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