Choosing Contentment

by adustyframe ~ January 20th, 2011

This afternoon, I took down the shower curtains to wash. They get a bit nasty on the bottom–I use fabric for the liner and the outside.

As I put them in the washer, I looked around at my sunny kitchen. I saw the crock pot with roast cooking for dinner. The sink that’s actually empty for once.

I thanked the Lord that I had laundry soap to use.

I thought to myself, “You know I really do have it made.” I’m so thankful that God has helped me be able to stay home with my son and concentrate on homeschooling him.

I’m thankful that I’ve found ways to make money while being home.

It’s a matter of perspective though and a choice.

I could concentrate on all the garbage we’ve been through. I could think about the fact that my house is very small. I could pay attention to the cupboards and counter that are very worn (and pretty ugly!). I could think that it stinks that my husband is out of work AGAIN. I could think about the things that have happened recently that have wounded us (which I’ve not blogged about….).

I could definitely concentrate on all those things and I’m not saying that I don’t have to deal with them or my attitudes toward these negatives–I often do!

But contentment and peace don’t come by concentrating on everything that’s wrong. If I can learn that with all God’s allowed me to deal with you can learn it too right?

Contentment and thankfulness are a choice and you can choose them too.


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  1. Trish

    Once again your post is so uplifting. I’m so sorry for the trials you’re going through, but I see God working. People like me read your blog and are encouraged!

  2. Pam

    Amen Lizzie!!! We can focus inward or upward !!

  3. Jenn

    Love this post! Yes, I know the feeling that choosing contentment brings! I find it very freeing when I choose the “simple” things over “fancy.”

  4. Kaje

    You are so right, I had such a bad attitude yesterday and succeeded in ruining everybodys day. (Not something I’m proud of.) I could have changed my attitude and saved the day but I didn’t. I need help to choose contentment as I don’t seem to be very good at it. Kaje x

  5. Janet

    I love this post! My Bible study (Elizabeth George) has really helped me with things like this. I’m focusing on God’s unchanging character and everything I DO have!

  6. Ame

    contentment certainly is a learned choice 🙂

    you are wise. i know it’s hard. somedays it seems to never.ever.end. but glory is awaiting us someday, and when we get there, we’ll realize how fleeting this time really is. (i wrote this more for me … i need to remember, too 🙂

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