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by adustyframe ~ January 21st, 2011

outside the frame

I enjoy sharing these links with you. Thanks for letting me know when you enjoy reading them!

I use coconut oil for some treats I’m allowed to eat. I wondered if it would make magic shell for ice cream because when it’s cold it seems to be almost the same consistency. Guess what? It does–here’s a recipe.

This flag banner is SO CUTE! I think I should make it for my living room–all Americana.

Put yourself on currency–this is so fun! We put James’ photo on a bill from England. He doesn’t look right as the Queen! lol! I saw this link in Family Fun Magazine. They suggested using it as an invitation to a President’s theme party (President’s Day in Feb.)

Lots of yummy Valentine treats

Homemade pop tarts–I’ve been wanting to make something like this for ages.

And on the unhealthy side–a mouth watering recipe for Samoa Bars

Easy Pizza Sauce recipe

Sweet little Valentines to download for free–but for TODAY only.


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  1. carol

    Thanks for posting these. As I’ve told you before, I’ve gotten some high praise for things I’ve made from your links. ; ) I am planning to make those heart candy cane suckers again this year. So easy and so pretty!

  2. Janet

    Love all your links, especially the recipe for the Homemade Magic Shell!

    Lizzie, do you feel when we list things like this that we should hat tip every source? I have a long list to put up and have been wandering how to handle it. Thanks!

    Janet, I don’t unless I found it one of my “bloggy” friends blog. I find links on Facebook, twitter, in the Etsy forums, my google reader, news items. I just can’t keep track of where I found everything. Sometimes I bookmark them and don’t use them for quite awhile so I honestly have no clue where I found them.

    I think the linking to the original blog is fine without remember where exactly you saw the link. That’s just my 2 cents though 😉

  3. Eunice

    Yummy ….. too many goodies ! You always have great finds posted , love the flag banner , how cute is that !

  4. Janet

    Thank you! This is VERY helpful to me!

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