Job Interviews!!!–updated

by adustyframe ~ January 24th, 2011

Lee had a job interview on Friday with a small family owned company. He said the man was very nice and he’s hopeful about it. The owner told Lee that he received an excellent reference from a former boss so that made his day. We’re hoping that will carry some weight but it’s so hard to tell.

While he was at that interview, a temp agency called about another job. He has that interview this afternoon. This job is at a huge local company that is hard to get into. It pays well and seems to be pretty steady. The job would be “temp to hire” so it’s hard to know if a job would come at the end of the temp term, but the agency told Lee most of the people get hired on.

We’re not counting our chickens yet, but we’re hopeful  that SOMETHING will happen in the next few days. Both of the jobs have pros and cons, but Lee said he’ll take whichever one offers him the job first.

We’re praying that God will make it very clear which one to take. I guess if neither works out then that’s God’s leading too. Please pray with us!

Well, the interview today was canceled because the job was filled–so there’s one answer. Praying for the other guy to “ooo ooo pick us pick us!!” 😉


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  1. Lisa


  2. Barbara H.

    Exciting! Praying!

  3. Pam

    Oh Lizzie……I so hope Lee will soon get a job where he will be valued and respected.
    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  4. Eunice

    Praying …. agree with Pam , a job that he is valued & respected & soon !!

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